Sep 01
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Fairfield Transitional Home

La Vie Est Belle is a 3,500 square foot custom home designed by Adapt Design and situated in the heart of Fairfield on a large residential lot. Adapt Design was engaged to design this home from repeat clients whom we’d previously designed a home for. On our last project, the home won multiple CARE Awards including Best Single Family Detached home in 2020. Based on the success on their last home, they wanted to make an even bigger mark this time around. During the design consultation our clients were torn between going with a modern farmhouse, or, a contemporary style home. Instead of choosing one or the other, we suggested a newer design trend that would blend more seamlessly into the established arts and crafts neighbourhood while still providing the clean lines and minimalism of a modern home. Allow me to introduce you to, La Vie Est Belle.

The style of this beautiful home can best be described as Transitional. Transitional design complements its setting by striking a balance between contemporary and traditional. In doing so, the home embraces a timeless aesthetic with a curb appeal that simply won’t fade away.










Neutral hues evoke a sense of a clean and relaxing environment.













Celebrating natural light and a relaxed feel with smooth blending details that create a warm, yet modern, building.










While the Transitional Style home holds it roots in many locations around the world, it’s yet to gain the traction it truly deserves in Victoria. We are a big fan of this design style and will continue to pursue whenever possible.



About The Author

Josh has been passionately involved in the construction industry for over 20 years. He is the Owner and Chief Designer of Adapt Design. Prior to pursuing home design, Josh obtained a degree in Engineering, Red Seal Journeyman Carpentry, Certified Energy Advisor and Building Official certification.