Jun 28
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French Provincial Home

In 2019 we were engaged to design a new family home for some very lovely clients. The owners had recently purchased a piece of waterfront land in Ten Mile point and were wanting to follow through on their life long dream of building their own custom new home. The clients had spent countless hours envisioning what their new home could be. While they were open to different design ideas, they had largely settled on one item which is arguably the most important, the design style, which in this case, was to follow the design characteristics of a French Provincial Style home. As we got started on the design, we visited the site with the clients to get a sense of their vision and how we could best make it work with the site. Ocean views at the back of the home required vast amounts of glazing to soak up the views. Prior to putting pen to paper, we spent the time researching the design elements of this style of home. The French Provincial style home is inspired by rural manor’s in the 1600’s which were owned by French Aristocrats. After World War I, soldiers brought the French Provincial style back to North America where it became very popular during the 1920’s and 1960’s.


These homes are largely characterized by balanced and symmetrical proportions. For colours, we kept it classic with creamy light tones and hints of iron grey. Unlike many building styles, French Provincial Architecture has not changed much in the past several centuries.




Although the exterior of a French Provincial style home is largely symmetrical, on the interior you’ll find a softer look yet teaming with the same elegance and grandeur as would be expected.




About The Author

Josh has been passionately involved in the construction industry for over 20 years. He is the Owner and Chief Designer of Adapt Design. Prior to pursuing home design, Josh obtained a degree in Engineering, Red Seal Journeyman Carpentry, Certified Energy Advisor and Building Official certification.