Jun 07
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What is a part 9 building?

If you’ve been in the construction industry, you’ve probably heard the term, part 9 building. This is a term that gets used regularly and is often in reference to houses, commercial buildings and light industrial. The terms origins come from the classification status in the BC Building Code which is somewhat harmonious with the National Code of Canada and other Provincial Building Codes so we see the term used all over Canada. Section of the BC Building Code states the application of part 9 buildings which apply to all building less than 3 storeys in height, with a building footprint not exceeding 6,458 square feet, and used for major occupancies classified as:

  • Group C – Residential
  • Group D – Business and personal services occupancies
  • Group E – Mercantile occupancies
  • Group F – Divisions 2 and 3, medium- and low-hazard industrial occupancies

The C,D,E, F2/F3 occupancies are those which can  be designed with a qualified building designer. Some examples would be homes up to 19,374 square feet, duplexes, townhouses, commercial buildings including offices, pharmacies, clinics, restaurants, cafes as well as industrial warehouses for anything except what is deemed to be a high hazard occupancy. The reason I mention ‘qualified designer’ is that not all designers are created equally and it’s important to do your homework to find a truly qualified designer. At Adapt Design, not only do we design houses, additions and renovations, but we also design any of the other types of Part 9 buildings through our expertise and strong understanding of the BC Building Code.


About The Author

Josh has been passionately involved in the construction industry for over 20 years. He is the Owner and Chief Designer of Adapt Design. Prior to pursuing home design, Josh obtained a degree in Engineering, Red Seal Journeyman Carpentry, Certified Energy Advisor and Building Official certification.